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Pink Forsythia


The pink forsythia is a round deciduous shrub that is a native of Korea. The pink forsythia is a rapid grower and will produce arching branches up to 5’ tall and 4’ wide.

As with other forsythias, the pink forsythia is adaptable to many soil conditions.

The pink forsythia is a gorgeous spring flowering shrub that produces long trails of light soft pink flowers.

An added feature is that the flowers are slightly fragrant as is the foliage. The pink forsythia produces their flowers, which open from purple buds that cover the bare stems before the leaves unfold.

The pink forsythia flowers slightly earlier than most other forsythia cultivars.

The medium green foliage of the pink forsythia follows along after the flowers.

The foliage can be sheared for shape or left to grow in its natural habit.

The pink forsythia occasionally needs heavy pruning after bloom to encourage flowering in subsequent years.

The pink forsythia is ideal for covering trellis, fences and walls. It also is an ideal plant for borders or screens. The pink forsythia should be planted in full sun or light shade.

The forsythia plant really benefits from pruning. A regular schedule of pruning keeps the plants within bounds and creates a bushier growth habit. Pruning also encourages better flowering. Pruning after flowering promotes better branching and creates the potential for more flowers in future years.

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