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Pink Dogwood


The Pink Dogwood tree, Cornus florida rubra, has very large pink flowers that appear in the early spring before the foliage comes out. The foliage turns a brilliant red in the fall, followed by bright berries, which last, into the winter.

The trees grow to a height of 15 feet. This deciduous tree is the Classic Single Pink flowering beauty. The Pink Dogwood is a very popular and widely planted tree.

Pink Dogwood trees have bright red fruits, which are loved by birds, and mature in early fall and usually persist until the middle of December.

The Pink Dogwood has reddish brown wood and is extremely hard and has been used to make tool handles. The Pink Dogwood is a great landscape and ornamental tree.

The Pink Dogwood is the sister to the native American White Dogwood.

Similarly, it makes an excellent ornamental specimen near a patio, on corners of homes, or in groupings.

The Pink Dogwood should be planted in partial shade in rich, acid, moist well-drained soil. The Pink Dogwood will tolerate full shade but flowering will be diminished.

Clusters of bright red football shaped fruits, about a half-inch long, appear on the Pink Dogwood following the flowers and often last into winter.

The birds love the Pink Dogwood berries. Hummingbirds seem to like to stay in or around a Pink Dogwood.


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