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Persian Lilac


   The Persian lilac is a fast growing deciduous tree from southwestern Asia. The leaves of the Persian lilac can reach up to two feet in length, and light green in color. The blooms of a Persian lilac are violet or lavender, and appear in late spring, on into early summer. Caution should be taken, as the seeds of a Persian lilac can be very poisonous if ingested by humans. Many gardeners choose to grow Persian lilac plants solely for their large, beautiful foliage.

   Persian lilac plants can be invasive, if care is not taken to control their growth. Attractive to bees, butterflies and birds, the Persian lilac has very fragrant flowers. They are suitable for growing indoors, provided that the location selected allows for a good deal of direct sunlight daily. Not enough, generally less than six hours, direct sunlight can severely limit the amount and size of the beautiful and fragrant blooms.

   The Persian lilac needs an average amount of water, with a well-drained soil. Standing water in the soil makes the plant very susceptible to root rot. The best way to propagate Persian lilac plants is from softwood cuttings. Seed sown indoors can propagate Persian lilacs, but this generally takes around five years before blooms are produced. Division can also propagate Persian lilacs, as long as care is taken to prevent damage to the root system. Damaging the root system of Persian lilac bushes will inhibit the flowering for up to three years.

   Hardy to zones three through seven, Persian lilac plants will grow to a height of from four to eight feet, with a mature spread of five to ten feet. The rounded and low mature form makes the Persian lilac a perfect plant to be used in a foundation planting or as a border plant. The blooms can be cut and taken indoors for a lovely scent and floral display, but the fragrance can be overwhelming if not enough ventilation is provided.

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