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Perennial Vines


   Perennial vines are usually woody climbing or trailing plants. Each species of perennial vine has distinct qualities that allow for a variety of uses. Perennial vines will also return year-to-year, growing and spreading across whatever medium they are given.

   Some perennial vines, such as wisteria or grape, are well suited to give shade when grown over an arbor. Others, such as Boston ivy and English ivy grow well up walls or around doorways. Still others, such as the Virginia creeper, make wonderful maintenance-free ground covers.

   For perennial vines to climb, they will need the proper amount of support. The amount of support needed depends on the species of perennial vine that is being used, as well as the vines means of climbing. Perennial vines will climb using three distinct methods, varying by species. Some perennial vines attach small, root-like holdfasts to the wall for support. These are sometimes tendrils, which wrap around a post.

   A second kind of climbing common in many perennial vines is to wrap leaves around the object they are growing on. The third group climbs by winding around an object. When deciding which perennial vines to use in a garden, the desired result as well as the medium to grow on need to be taken into consideration in order to get a vine that will thrive.

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