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Perennial Salvia


   Perennial salvia come in a variety of cultivars. Although perennial salvia are not as common as tender salvia, some of the salvia plants will perform equally well as zone ten in zone four. The salvia x superbas, also known as salvia nemerosas, are the most well-know hardy salvias. There are many varieties of salvia nemerosas, including the Blue Queen, Rose Queen and May night.

   The perennial salvia will generally grow from between eighteen inches and thirty-six inches, yet there are some that are much smaller. One of the smaller perennial salvia is the salvia microphylla. This perennial salvia grows best in zones seven through eleven, and is very useful in deer prevention. The salvia microphylla, also known as baby sage, is a lovely perennial salvia with bold pink blooms that flower from early summer, and continue to bloom until the first winter frost.

   Another perennial salvia that will withstand colder temperatures is the salvia scalerea, or Clary sage. This perennial salvia is typically classified as a biennial, but will often live longer than two years. The flowers of this perennial salvia are white and have lovely lilac marking. The salvia scalerea is often used as an additive to tobacco products.

   Most of the perennial salvia will only over winter in warmer climates, but several exist which are also hardier. Many gardeners will have perennial salvia growing alongside annuals, in order to allow for a good degree of change from year to year. While they are harder to find and care for, well developed perennial salvia will allow for many years of beauty and grace in any garden.

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