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Peegee Hydrangea


   Peegee hydrangea is an old fashioned, fast growing shrub. It is especially noted for its huge display of blooms that flower during the summer, after most other shrubs have finished their bloom period. The peegee hydrangea is one of the largest growing shrub hydrangeas, reaching a height of twenty-five feet or more if not pruned. They prefer full to partial shade, and moderate watering during the growing season.

   The bloom period of a peegee hydrangea is especially long, beginning in mid summer and lasting until late autumn. The color of blooms on a peegee hydrangea changes during the bloom period. Beginning as a white, the blooms age to pink and finally turn a rusty brown in autumn. Unlike some other hydrangeas, peegee hydrangea blooms do not change with the pH level of the soil.

   Originally from Japan and eastern China, peegee hydrangea is an adaptable shrub that will thrive almost anywhere. Pruning can be done in late winter, as the flowers are produced on new growth only. The peegee hydrangea is hardy in zones three through eight. They are relatively easy to start from cuttings. Most of the flowers on the peegee hydrangea are sterile and will not produce seeds. 

   Peegee hydrangea works best placed in the borders of a landscape or in mixed shrub borders where its coarse texture will not stand out. Many gardeners prune peegee hydrangea to tree form, as they think it is more attractive this way. Properly pruned, a peegee hydrangea will be equally striking in tree or shrub form.

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