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Peach Rose Bush


   One of the most famous rose bushes in the world is the peace rose bush. The peace rose bush was inducted into the World Federation of Rose Societies Hall of Fame in 1976, and was the winner of the AARS award in 1946. First introduced into the United States over fifty years ago, the peace rose bush is now more famous than ever.

   One of the things that makes the peace rose bush so popular is the beautiful blooms. The flowers of the peace rose bush are white, and often have a very bright pink outline. Each bloom contains forty to forty-five petals, and is slightly fragrant. The peace rose bush is also fairly disease resistant.

   The peace rose bush has large, glossy green foliage. This medium height rose bush established the hybrid-tea standards in the twentieth century. Hardy in zones five through nine, this fragrant flower is very easy to grow. The peace rose bush will grow to an average height of about three feet, and will flower mostly on the previous years growth.

   Like all rose bushes, the peace rose bush prefers partial sun, with shade from the hot afternoon sun, and a well-drained soil. Pruning of the peace rose bush should be done in early spring, just after the buds appear. The peace rose bush works well in a variety of settings, including as a hedge, or a focal point in the garden. A peace rose bush will add color and life to the growing season of a garden for many years.

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