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Ornamental Cherry Trees


Ornamental cherry trees are very beautiful indeed. They often have profuse blooms that range in color from white to pink.

The blooms of an ornamental cherry tree cover nearly the entire tree, and appear before the foliage. Once the blooming season is finished, the foliage will appear and give a lovely green color to the tree.

One of the most beautiful ornamental cherry trees is the ‘snow fountains’ weeping cherry.

Named after its similar appearance to water coming out of a fountain, this weeping ornamental cherry tree is suitable for landscape use in zones five through eight. They will grow to a height of eight to fifteen feet and have a mature spread of six to eight feet.

The weeping branches of this ornamental cherry tree will often reach the ground, and have lovely light pink blooms.

A second common ornamental cherry tree is the Yoshino cherry tree. A native of Japan and China, the Yoshino cherry tree will perform well in the United States.

The fragrant blooms of this ornamental cherry tree will usually appear in mid-March.

A Yoshino cherry tree will flower each year, but the quantity of blooms may vary from year to year. This is directly related to the amount of winter cold that the ornamental cherry tree receives.

Ornamental cherry trees make excellent additions to any landscape or garden.

They vary in size from species that are only as large as a bush to some that can grow to fifty feet or more. Ornamental cherry trees make excellent focal point and work best as specimen plantings.

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