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Norway Maple Tree

The Norway maple tree is a deciduous, broadleaf maple tree. They will grow to a height of forty to fifty feet, and can have an equal mature spread. The summer foliage is dark green and turns yellow in the fall. The Norway maple tree works great as a shade tree, specimen plant or street tree. They will tolerate air pollution and salt. Norway maple trees will also tolerate hot and dry conditions much better than the sugar maple.

Norway maple trees are native to Europe, but have been widely planted throughout the eastern United States. A Norway maple tree can be pruned into an upright shape, or have a more spread out crown. Norway maple trees are able to reach heights of up to ninety feet if given enough room and the proper growing conditions.

The leaves of a Norway maple tree are dark green and simple. The five lobes of the leaf have very sharp points, and average about four and a half inches across. The flowers are small yellowish green and appear in the early spring in clusters. The shallow roots of the Norway maple tree make it difficult for other plants to grow near its base.

The Norway maple tree is hardy to zones three through seven, and has a medium course texture. The tree prefers full sun, but will allow partial shade. A wide range of soil condition will work for a Norway maple tree, including sand and clay. The Norway maple tree is very susceptible to Verticillium wilt, anthracnose, and some leaf scratch.

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