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Miss Kim Lilac


   The Miss Kim lilac is one of the most beautiful and fragrant of all lilac bushes. The light lavender blooms stand out nicely against the background of the dark, glossy green foliage. As with all lilacs, the Miss Kim lilac prefers full sun to thrive, but will also live in areas of partial shade, at the expense of fewer blooms. The green foliage turns a deep burgundy red in the autumn months, making the Miss Kim lilac one of the most beautiful of the lilacs in the fall as well.

   The Miss Kim lilac is a very popular shrub for many reasons. The blooms have one of the most intoxicating scents of all flowers. The Miss Kim lilac is even more fragrant than roses. The compact and upright rounded form makes them perfect for either border plants or for a specimen planting. The Miss Kim lilac will grow to a height of six to seven feet with a mature spread of five to six feet. This makes it small enough to be manageable in nearly every garden.

   The Miss Kim lilac, unlike many other lilac shrubs, is very resistant to powdery mildew. Unfortunately, it is not as drought resistant as some of its cousins. When faced with a prolonged period of drought, the Miss Kim lilac will often shed much of its foliage. Thought by many to be the number one lilac in the midwestern United States, the Miss Kim lilac was originally native to Korea.

   Miss Kim lilac bushes are an excellent addition to any home garden or landscape. They are hardy to zones three through seven. Miss Kim lilac bushes are able to adapt to a wide range of soil conditions. Miss Kim lilac bushes, with their compact form, make excellent foundation plantings. No garden is complete without a Miss Kim lilac bush.

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