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Lilac Shrub


   Lilac shrubs can be a great addition to any garden. They can serve several purposes in any landscape situation. Lilac shrubs will provide protection to small animals and give homes to birds. Tightly grown lilac shrubs will keep unwanted pests, such as rabbits out of a garden. Lilac shrubs grown tall can make a wonderful privacy fence. The beautiful and fragrant blooms of lilac shrubs will provide color and fragrance to a garden for most of the spring months and often well into summer as well.

   Small, compact lilac shrubs give protection to animals such as squirrels and rabbits. The animals will build nests inside the protection of lilac shrubs. Taller lilac shrubs will provide the right amount of protection for a bird’s nest. Low growing dense lilac shrubs can act as a fence, keeping animals out of the garden. Lilac shrubs look nicer and will usually outlast a fence.

   Lilac shrubs will make a perfect privacy fence. Lilac shrubs that grow to eight feet tall will make an attractive alternative to a fence. Lilac shrub privacy fences have many advantages to their manmade counterparts. First of all, they are less expensive. Secondly, lilac shrubs are more beautiful in terms of color and form, and the fragrance is much more attractive than wood or metal. In addition, they can be controlled by pruning, giving them a nice, formal shape, or left informal for a more naturalistic approach.

   Lilac shrubs add a wonderful touch of class and grace to a garden. The color of the blooms will make a wonderful addition. The range of colors available meant that no matter what the color scheme of a garden, there is always a lilac shrub that will either complement of contrast with its location perfectly. They also create a border of living material that adds greenery and form during the growing season.

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