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Lilac Bushes


   One of the most beautiful types of shrub that one can plant in their garden is a lilac bush. A lilac bush has large clusters of beautifully fragrant blooms that appear from mid spring and remain until mid summer. Lilac bushes make a wonderful addition to any border, and can also be used as a single specimen plant for their beautiful fragrance. The foliage of a lilac bush will add life to a border, even after all the blooms have been spent.

   One of the most lovely of all lilac bushes is the Chinese lilac. This lilac bush is a large, round-headed shrub that works well either as a specimen or a border or screen plant. The excellent floral display of this lilac bush begins in early May. The flower color is lilac purple, and the bloom bunches are four to five inches long. The fragrant blooms cover most of this lilac bush, and will be even more prevalent in full sun conditions. This lilac bush is hardy to zones three through seven.

   Another popular lilac bush is the ‘White Persian.’ These lilac bushes are widely adaptable to a variety of soil conditions. The dark green foliage makes a wonderful contrast to the creamy white blooms, which appear in late spring. This lilac bush grows very compactly, making it a wonderful choice for smaller gardens. Butterflies often frequent the fragrant flowers. Growing to a height of four to eight feet, these lilac bushes are hardy to zones three through seven.

   One of the most cold hardy of the lilac bushes is the ‘James Macfarlane.’ This lilac bush can grow in regions as cold as parts of zone two, to as warm as zone seven. The true pink blooms on these lilac bushes bloom in early June, and flower freely. These elegant lilac bushes have an upright shape, making them perfect for a border or screen planting. When planted in full sunlight, this lilac bush can reach a mature height of up to eight feet.

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