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Landscape Hedges


Landscape hedges provide several additions to a home garden or landscape. They can mark property lines, provide barriers for people and animals, screen off unattractive views and act as a windbreak.

Landscape hedges are easy to maintain and can be planted in nearly any climate. They are a great addition to any garden.

Landscape hedges are simply trees, bushes or shrubs that have been planted in a row. They are planted close enough to allow them to spread and grow together.

There are generally two ways to grow hedges: formal and informal. Formal hedges are pruned and trimmed into a geometric shape, generally a rectangular wedge.

Formal hedges must be wider at the bottom, to allow sunlight to reach to lower foliage.

Informal hedges are not pruned to shape. They are allowed to grow into whichever shape is natural.

These types of landscape hedges, while not requiring as much care, will only work in naturalistic designs.

Informal landscape hedges will not look attractive in a garden that is highly manicured.

Landscape hedges are fun and easy to grow, and provide an attractive, natural looking border. Many people use landscape hedges instead of fences, because fences, especially chain link fences, can look very unappealing to the eye.

Landscape hedges, when enough care is given, will provide years of shelter and enjoyment.

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