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Kousa Dogwood


The Kousa Dogwood is a small tree that is native to Asia, yet has characteristics similar to our native dogwood trees.

It has horizontally layered branches which can especially look nice when covered with a light layer of snow or when fully leafed.

In spring, Kousa dogwood is covered in showy white flowers with large bracts that have a slightly more pointed appearance at the tips.

Kousa dogwood tree flowers later than other dogwoods, and the flower display may last for several weeks.

The Kousa dogwood tree exhibits beautiful fall colors. Kousa dogwood fall colors are shades of yellow-orange, red or red-purple, is reliably good most years.

The Kousa dogwood can grow to 20-30 feet tall. The Kousa dogwood tree requires well-drained acidic soils and full sun.

It is less susceptible to the canker problems of flowering dogwood. It is hardy to zone 5b. Like flowering dogwood, these trees transplant best when young.

In summary, dogwood trees are great choices for the landscape because their size is manageable for most home yards.

The Kousa dogwood can be used for border, massing, and specimen plant.

The Kousa dogwood tree is a native of Japan, China and Korea. The Kousa dogwood performs best when placed in full sun to partial shade and in moist, well-drained, slightly acid soil.

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