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Korean Dogwood


The Korean Dogwood, Cornus kousa, is very hardy Dogwood tree. The Korean Dogwood tree is also known as a Japanese Flowering Dogwood.

The Korean Dogwood is a handsome small specimen tree or shrub. The Korean Dogwood is not as susceptible to disease as the White Dogwood, Cornus florida.

The Korean Dogwood is planted as a specimen, near a patio, or in groupings. Korean Dogwood trees blooms later than the White Dogwood and with a softer petal flower than the White Flowering Dogwood.

This deciduous tree has red fruits that look like a big round raspberry.

The fall color is red to maroon. Because of its disease resistance, it is becoming the best replacement for the White Dogwood.

The flowering tree, Korean Dogwood, has low water requirements and displays a moderate tolerance for salt and alkali soils.

The Korean Dogwood can grow to 20-30 feet tall.

The Korean Dogwood tree requires well-drained acidic soils and some sun.

It is less susceptible to the canker problems of flowering dogwood. It is hardy to zone 5b. Like flowering dogwood, Korean Dogwoods transplant best when young.


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