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About Japanese Painted Fern


   The Japanese painted fern is very showy, with soft grayish-green and silvery dark maroon foliage.

   The Japanese painted fern is low maintenance and deciduous. Named the 2004 perennial plant of the year,        the Japanese painted fern is one of the showiest ferns for any shaded garden.

   Japanese painted ferns are hardy nearly everywhere in the United States, except for the desert areas and        northern areas as low as zone three.

   The Japanese painted fern grows up to two feet high and two feet in            diameter. This fern prefers full to partial shade, and is one of the most            attractive plants that can be grown in a shady part of the garden.

   The Japanese painted fern, like most ferns, need well-drained, compost rich    soil and flourished in moisture in both soil and air.

   Some morning or late afternoon sunlight will bring out the most vivid colors      in a Japanese painted fern.

   Japanese painted ferns propagate most easily by division of the clump into      several smaller plants.

   The Japanese painted fern is perfect as a border plant, and works well            when planted near streams or ponds.

   It can also be used as a wonderful accent plant, as most other shade            loving plants are unable to attain the bright vivid colors of the Japanese          painted fern.


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