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Japanese Lilac Tree


   A Japanese lilac tree is very similar to a lilac bush, except that it grows more upright and has a wider trunk. A Japanese lilac tree can grow to a height of thirty feet, and usually has a rounded, upright shape. The Japanese lilac tree is the most common of all lilac trees. The Japanese lilac tree is hardy to zones three through seven, and has creamy white flowers appearing in early summer. The spade shaped leaves of this lilac tree are dark green and deciduous.

   The flowers of a Japanese lilac tree are similar to those on a lilac bush, but generally have smaller individual blossoms. The range of color is also more limited, usually only cream to pink, but some purple cultivars have been introduced. The blooms generally appear after those of lilac bushes, and will last about the same length of time. Therefore, planting a Japanese lilac tree behind a row of lilac bushes will allow for the lilac blooming season to be extended by a few weeks.

   A Japanese lilac tree should be protected from damage caused by wind and other natural sources, as well as human damage. This is because Japanese lilac trees take a fairly long time to recover from damage. When damaged enough, Japanese lilac trees may not bloom for a few years, as they are focusing their energy on repairing the damage instead of making new buds. The wood of Japanese lilac trees is softer than that of some of the larger trees, and can therefore be damaged more easily. Japanese lilac trees have fragrant blooms, and will provide a good amount of shade.

   A Japanese lilac tree should be planted in a location of full sunlight, just like all other lilacs. When pruning, it is important not to remove too much from a Japanese lilac tree, as this will likely reduce the flower output the following year, in much the same way that damaging the tree with wind will. When cared for properly and given the proper growing conditions, a Japanese lilac tree can easily survive for nearly one hundred years.

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