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Ivy Plants


   Ivy plants have many uses in gardens. An ivy plant can be used as a ground cover. Ivy plants also make wonderful displays when used on houses, fences and walls. They are also an easy way to accent a centerpiece, such as a birdbath or trellis.

   The ivy plant most used as a ground cover is the English ivy. The English ivy is a classic ivy with fan-shaped leaves that are silver green in color. These ivy plants grow very dense foliage with abundant leaves growing off the tough brown, woody stem. This ivy plant is evergreen, so its cover can be enjoyed year round, and it will also grow in shady regions of the garden. The dense canopy created inches above the ground by this ivy plant will block all sunlight to plants below.

   One of the ivy plants most commonly used as a wall climber is the Boston ivy. The Boston ivy, or Japanese creeper, has dark green leaves that alternate along a tough, slender stalk. The foliage of these ivy plants turns a beautiful auburn hue in the winter. The stems of this ivy plant will grow up to sixty feet in length, and have been known to cover the entire height of five story buildings.

   Ivy plants can also be used to accent centerpieces or focal points of gardens. Ivy plants can be used to cover the bases of birdbaths or trellises, and can also be trained to spiral around an arch. The use of ivy plants is as varying as the breeds of the plants themselves. Whatever they are used for, ivy plants make a fun, easy to care for addition to any garden or setting.

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