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Ivy Leaves


   Ivy leaves come in many different shapes, sizes and hues. Depending on the desired effect, the leaves of the ivy plant should be taken into consideration when choosing the correct one. Some ivy leaves are broad, and make good cover. Other ivy leaves are colorful, and make a nice highlight to a garden. A few ivy leaves even turn beautiful colors for the winter months.

   Ivy leaves that are broad make good cover. Whether it is for a wall or simple ground cover, ivies with large leaves create a lovely effect on a garden. One ivy with broad leaves is the English ivy. These plants have large, fan shaped leaves that are silvery green in color. The thick canopy created by the ivy leaves lies just inches away from the surface the plant grows on.

   Many ivy leaves have color highlights, which draw the eye to them. One such ivy is the Golden Ingot. The leaves of this ivy are triangle shaped and feature an overall lemon yellow hue with gray splotches and an emerald green rim. The ivy leaves of the Boston ivy turn a wonderful shade of auburn in the winter months. The leaves will not fall off, and remain this color until spring, when they regain a deep green hue.

   Ivy leaves can serve a different purpose in each garden. Many ivy plants are easy to care for, and require almost no actual maintenance. The range of adaptability for an ivy plant changes by species, and is generally pretty wide. Most ivy plants don’t require much water, but the soil should be kept fairly moist.

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