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Iris Catalogs


   Iris catalogs can be obtained from a variety of places. One such source is the Internet. Many nurseries and garden centers are now internationalizing themselves by allowing the plants and services they offer over the Internet. These companies will have their iris catalogs easy to find from the main page.

   Another place that an iris catalog can be found is through mail order garden centers. These garden centers will generally ship to anywhere, with few exceptions, and the plants arrive at the peak time for planting, which is typically late summer or early fall for irises. The plants will be developed when they arrive, and begin producing blooms in the following spring. These companies have iris catalogs that often contain pictures of the plants as well. Using one of these iris catalogs will allow a gardener to know what the particular plant looks like, as well as the needs for the plant to thrive.

   Iris catalogs have a variety of useful information for beginning and professional gardeners alike. There are usually images of the plants that show the beautiful blooms as well as the foliage. There will also be zone information and growing conditions. Often an entry in an iris catalog will be followed by a brief description of the plant, as well as a description of the bloom that it will produce.

   Iris catalogs are necessary for any person looking to start an iris garden. They will give useful information on when and where to plant, as well as how. Iris will need little care in the initial growing season, and they adapt to a new environment rather quickly. Make sure to follow the indications listed in the iris catalog to ensure beautiful plants that will thrive for many years, and provide gorgeous blooms that everybody can enjoy.

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