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Hibiscus Information


   Information on hibiscus can essentially be divided into two parts. The two categories of hibiscus information are the tropical hibiscus and the hardy hibiscus. The tropical hibiscus plant is confined to areas of the country that have tropical climates such as Florida or Hawaii, or a green house. The hardy hibiscus plant can thrive in climatic zones 4 through 8.

   Good information on hibiscus plants can usually be obtained from garden centers, local nurseries and from Universities that have botanical departments. Another source for hibiscus information are Internet search engines such as Google. When searching for information on hibiscus plants, try to be as specific as possible. Libraries have hibiscus information that is available in books and gardening magazines. The graphic nature of printed material, and online pictures, can enhance the information on hibiscus.

   General information on hibiscus that relates to flower color, plant size, how to plant, and where to plant, are relatively easy to find. More specific information such as PH requirements, may take a little more research to find a knowledgeable source. 

   Online information on hibiscus is available by searching for information posted by universities, nurseries, retailers, and wholesalers. As a general rule, retail sites have good general information that relates to providing a successful purchasing experience for their customers. University and gardening sites are more likely to have targeted in-depth information on specific problems, insects, and plant research.

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