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Hibiscus Flowers


   Hibiscus flowers are multi colored and varied. About 200 species of hibiscus are known to exist, and each species has its own unique kind of flower. Hardy hibiscus flowers boasts multitudes of showy flowers up to 8" to 12” in diameter in shades of reds, whites, pinks and bicolors.

   Hibiscus flowers are among the prettiest, most interesting and easy-to-identify of all flowers. When looking at a hibiscus flower, you will see a particular arrangement of flower parts -- a staminal tube surrounding a long, slender style that's split into slender, spreading branches at the top. This prominent pistil and stamen structure adds to the beauty of the hibiscus flower.

   Hardy hibiscus flowers begin to appear in late July or early August. Once they start blooming, they usually keep blooming until a killing frost in the fall. The hibiscus flower will appear and last for only one day. While each bloom only lasts for one day, the hardy hibiscus is prolific, sometimes producing more than a hundred blooms in a season.

   Place the hibiscus plant in a sunny area to achieve maximum growth of hibiscus flowers. They need a minimum of 6 hours of sun each day. They do best when placed in a sunny area in soils with lots of organic matter. Hibiscus flowers appear on the ends of branches, so do not pinch off late in the growing season, or the hibiscus flower will be delayed into late summer.

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