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Hibiscus Care


   Hibiscus care should be considered from planting to caring for the mature plant. Hibiscus care begins by selecting the best possible site for the hibiscus plant. The site selected should have at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight each day. They are quite adaptable to soil types, but they prefer soils with lots of organic matter. Hibiscus plant care begins with preparing an acceptable location that will allow them to grow without a lot of stress.

   Planting the hibiscus. Work up the soil in the area and plant the hibiscus at the same level it was growing in the container. Soak the root system several times after planting to drive out air pockets in the soil.

   The care of hibiscus then turns to water needs. Until the hibiscus is well established, they need lots of water. Try to keep them constantly moist. After they are well established, they can tolerate both dry and moist conditions. Hibiscus plant care then should turn to accounting for fertility. Fertilize each spring with 10-20-10 formulation or an organic fertilizer.

   The winter season is the next consideration for successful hibiscus care. Hardy hibiscus can be trimmed back to about 12’ above the ground after a killing frost. Once the soil is close to freezing solid, they should be heavily mulched. Pile the mulch at least 12’ deep.You can cover the mulch with snow to provide even more insulation. They need to be kept cold, not frozen or warm.

   In summary, hibiscus care is relatively easy. After planting on a good site, water and fertilize and provide winter protection. If you want to encourage better branching, pinch them lightly early in the growing season. They should not need pruning unless they get too large for their area. Once the new shoots have emerged in the spring, you can prune out the old stems.

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