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Hedge Plants


Hedge plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are hedge plants that grow small and rounded. There are hedge plants that grow tall and conical.

Hedge plants can range anywhere in height from only a foot or so to twenty feet high. The type of hedge plant used depends on the desired result.

Hedge plants can be either evergreen or deciduous. Evergreen hedge plants will retain the foliage year round, and will therefore serve the purpose of a screen or shield even during the winter.

One drawback to this is that heavy snow on top of the hedge plants may break branches and kill the plants. Deciduous hedge plants will lose their leaves in the winter.

This makes them less susceptible to snow damage, but also less useful as a screen.

There are hedge plants that grow in nearly every climate on the planet.

The look of a row of hedge plants can either be formally pruned, or more naturally grown. Again, this decision depends on the desired result.

Informal looking hedge plants may not work well in a garden that is very pruned and organized.

There are a variety of uses for hedge plants. They can keep unwanted animals out of a garden, or block an unattractive sight.

Hedge plants can mark boundaries, such as property lines, or serve as a wind block. Hedge plants also make wonderful and natural looking privacy shields.

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