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Hanging Vines


   Hanging vines are the perfect addition to any garden. There are several styles of hanging vines to choose from, each will add a different touch to any garden or room. They can be draped over walls or wires, as well as grown in hanging baskets. Hanging vines are also perfectly reasonable to grow indoors.

   One of the many kinds of hanging vines is the Midas Touch ivy. The Midas Touch ivy, or Hedera Helix, has heart-shaped green leaves that have bright gold splotches. These hanging vines can be grown in pots, hanging baskets, or window boxes, and even used as houseplants.

   Another popular hanging vine is the Melanie ivy. These hanging vines have broad leaves that are curled on the edges. Most of the hanging vines, including the Melanie ivy, are evergreen, meaning they can be enjoyed year round. The Melanie ivy can be grown in pots and hanging baskets as well, but will also climb up walls and makes a wonderful ground cover.

   One of the most beautiful of the hanging vines is the Golden Ingot. The Golden Ingot has triangle leaves that are mostly lemon yellow, but have gray splotches and an emerald green rim. This hanging ivy will fill a pot or hanging basket fairly quickly, and grow up to two feet in length. Whichever of the hanging vines chosen, a garden or room will look much more inviting.

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