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Growing Salvia


   Growing salvia is very easy to do. They require very little care, as long as the proper conditions are given. Salvia requires full sun in order to grow and flower. Good drainage is needed to help prevent root rot, and salvia will thrive in a variety of soil and water conditions. Growing salvia is one of the most rewarding tasks that any gardener can accomplish.

   Many salvia are delicate plants, and are not hardy in areas that frost at all. However, some salvia are hardy in zones four through eight. The easiest way to propagate salvia in a garden is by division or cuttings, yet salvia are also easy to grow by seed. Dividing one larger plant into several small plants should be done every few years or so, in order to rejuvenate older plants.

   The most important thing to note when growing salvia is their ability to survive on their own. Salvia come in many different colors, sizes and types. One of the most striking salvia for a garden is the salvia officinalis, or garden salvia, which has beautiful red blooms that last from spring to autumn.

   Information about growing salvia can be found in a variety of sources. Internet sites will have good up to date information about growing salvias. Local nurseries and garden centers would have more detailed information about growing salvia in their particular area, and should not be ignored when seeking help. Growing salvia can be a very fun experience, and no gardener should ignore their beauty.

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