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Growing Forsythia


The growing of forsythia plants does not require a lot of expertise. For growing forsythia you do not need perfect soil. Forsythia plants will perform best when planted in well-drained soil that is enriched with organic humus.

So the addition of peat moss or processed manure or compost at planting time is really beneficial in getting the plant off to a good start.

Since forsythia is a deciduous shrub they are best planted or transplanted during the dormant season.

Growing forsythia is not limited to a dormant time as with the advent of container growing many nurseries and garden centers now carry the plants year-round.

Container grown plants can be safely planted at any time throughout the year if the ground is not frozen.

Growing the forsythia plant may prompt a thought about its origin. The forsythia plant is named in honor of William Forysth, director of the Chelsea Physic Garden in 1770, maker of the first rock garden in the UK and one of the founders of the Royal Horticultural Society.

The plant is native to China and was discovered there by Robert Fortune, a great eighteenth century plant-hunter.

When growing forsythia, the most asked question is, ‘What about pruning?’ Pruning the forsythia bush after flowering is the most widely used method.

Cut out about one-third of the old woody growth. This encourages new young growth, which will supply the next season's flowers. Another pruning method is to tip prune the forsythia bush.

The tip pruning will result in several new growths developing at that point and the plant will become bushier and more prolific in its flowering. Growing forsythia does not demand a lot of time or excellent soils. Keeping them pruned is important for future flowers.

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