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Growing Apple Trees


   Growing apple trees can be a fun and rewarding experience for the home gardener.

   Growing apple trees is a relatively easy process, and yields delicious fruit that can be enjoyed by everybody.      There are, however, many factors to consider before attempting to grow apple trees in the garden.

   The first consideration when growing apple trees is what size tree is desired.

   Apple trees come mainly as a scion, or top portion, grafted onto a                  rootstock. The type of rootstock used will help determine the eventual          size the tree will grow to.

   Some rootstocks will produce a full sized tree, while others will dwarf the        tree and make it grow smaller. Growing apple trees that are dwarfed is            more common in the home garden.

   A second consideration before growing apple trees is that nearly all apple        trees do not self-pollinate.

   This means that to grow apple trees that bear fruit, more than one tree          needs to be planted. The two or more trees used should also be of                different species with similar bloom times.

   This will provide healthier and more abundant fruit. Some varieties of apple      tree will pollinate better than others, and selection should take this into          consideration.

   Apple trees will tolerate a wide range of soils, so long as water and                nutrients are not limited and the pH level is adequate. The soil used for          growing apple trees should be well draining, as standing water in the              roots can kill the trees.

   The location should also be in a higher level, as cold air in the spring will          settle in lower areas and possibly damage the tree. More information              about growing apple trees can be found at any nursery or garden                  center.

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