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Ground Cover Seeds


Ground cover seeds are available from a variety of sources online. While most ground covers are available for purchase as already matured plants, some gardeners will prefer to grow a groundcover themselves from groundcover seeds.

Groundcovers can be difficult to grow from seeds. Ground covers are often times more susceptible to interference from weeds than are regular plants.

Groundcover seeds can be purchased from a variety of locations. One good source to obtain ground cover seeds is through mail order companies. Many companies will ship ground cover seeds to location across the country.

Check local garden centers for information about contacting mail order companies or for obtaining catalogs for groundcover seeds available through mail order.

Another good source of groundcover seeds is online. Many nurseries and garden centers now allow access to their website for purchasing ground cover seeds.

Using a search engine, such as Google, will result in finding many online retailers that will supply groundcover seeds as well as mature groundcover plants. Some of the online retailers may also offer the groundcover seeds in wholesale.

Ground cover seeds may also be purchased through local garden centers.

Local garden centers are usually the best choice for obtaining ground cover seeds, as they would know what plants thrive in the area, and have many choices on hand. However obtained, ground cover seeds must be maintained properly to ensure years of a beautiful garden.



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