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Gray Twig Dogwood


The Gray Dogwood is a native shrub found throughout much of the upper Midwest. The Gray dogwood develops a dense, suckering form. Plant size of the Gray Dogwood is quite variable depending on growing conditions.

In open sites it is often found as shrub masses of 5-6' in height while in shade it is often taller, but less dense. Individual plants of the Gray Dogwood are also quite variable in size.

Taller growing plants that are less prone to suckering can be pruned into nice small tree forms.

The flowering habit of the Gray Dogwood plant begins in late spring. The Gray Dogwood exhibits clusters of creamy white flowers.

After flowering the Gray Dogwood develops fruit which, when mature, is white in color. The white fruits are supported on red stalks, an attractive characteristic in ornamental uses. The fruits of the Gray Dogwood are attractive to birds.

The Gray Dogwood grows in wet areas and has a fibrous, suckering root system.

Excessive sucker formation may cause the plant to overrun its allotted space and form dense thickets. The dense growth habit makes the shrub a suitable hedge or barrier plant.

The Gray Dogwood sprouts readily from the base and can be cut back severely.

The Gray Dogwood develops new twigs that are reddish-brown, but mature branches are a distinct gray, forming a nice contrast, especially in winter.

The Gray Dogwood prefers moist, well-drained soils in full sun, but is adaptable to many adverse conditions, including poor soils, dry soils, wet soils, compacted soils, heat, and drought.

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