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Granny Smith Apple Tree (Malus 'Granny Smith')


   One of the most commonly requested types of apple tree is the granny smith apple tree.

   The granny smith apple tree produces fruit that is tart and delicious. The apples from a granny smith apple        tree are unique, in that they do not change in color from green.

   Most apples, once mature, will either turn red or yellow, and sometimes a combination of the two. It is harder    to tell a mature granny smith apple from a younger one, in that they are both green.

   The fruit produced by a granny smith apple tree is an all-purpose apple          with green skin and firm crisp flesh. The fruit can be eaten straight off            the tree, or cooked in a variety of fashions.

   The flesh of a granny smith apple will remain crisp for longer than many          other breeds once the apple has been cut. The granny smith apple tree is      believed to have originally come from the seed of a French crab apple.

   Granny smith apple trees are not self-pollinating. This means that another      type of apple tree is needed in order for the granny smith apple tree to          produce fruit.

   Like most other apple trees, the pollinating tree used with a granny smith        does not really matter that much. As long as the pollen is fertile, nearly          any apple tree will be able to pollinate a granny smith apple tree and              create delicious fruit.

   Granny smith apple trees are hardy in zones six through eight, and require      a good deal of sunlight.

   When pruned and cared for properly, a granny smith apple tree will grow for    over fifty years.

   Granny smith apple trees do not require very much support, as they are          typically able to support their own weight. In the semi-dwarf state,                granny smith apple trees will grow to fourteen feet high.

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