About Globe Arborvitae


   The globe arborvitae is a fast, compact growing arborvitae tree. They grow as globe shaped trees. One of        the hardiest of the arborvitae, the globe arborvitae will grow best in zones three through eight. They need        little to no pruning to keep the globe shape, as this is done naturally.

   Globe arborvitae will grow to a mature height of three to five feet and an equal mature spread.

   They have great appeal as a specimen planting or as an accent shrub in a garden area. Globe arborvitae is        also very easy to grow from a pot.

   Grown en mass, the globe arborvitae will make a good wind block for              shorter, more fragile plants.

   The mature form of the globe arborvitae is global.

   They prefer full sun to partial shade, and can grow in a variety of soil            conditions. The globe arborvitae is fairly drought resistant, and can                withstand cold temperatures.

   In areas of hotter summer temperature, partial shade should be provided to    prevent browning on the tips of the leaves.

   The globe arborvitae is native to the northeastern United States and              Canada.

   Once planted, a globe arborvitae requires little maintenance, and is fairly        drought resistant. Fertilizer may be applied every few years or so to aid in      faster growing.

   Pruning, if desired, should be done early in the growing season before new      growth emerges.

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