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Garden Hedges


Garden hedges can be grown in nearly in any landscape situation. There are species that will grow in nearly every climate in the world. Garden hedges serve many purposes.

They will create a border or divider. Garden hedges can protect other plants from animals and wind. Garden hedges can also be used as a privacy shield.

Garden hedges can be used as a wonderful, natural looking divider. They can be planted to separate different areas of the garden from each other.

They can make beautiful markers of property lines or sidewalks. Garden hedges can be used to control human and animal traffic in certain areas of a landscape.

Garden hedges also protect other plants from nature. Animals that would normally enter a garden to eat the foliage may be dissuaded by the presence of garden hedges.

They can make a dense wall to keep deer or rabbits out of a garden. Garden hedges also protect other more delicate plants from cold weather.

Planting a row of evergreen garden hedges in a border around a perennial garden will make an excellent year round windbreak.

Garden hedges can also be uses as privacy shields. Garden hedges that grow to eight feet tall will make an attractive alternative to a manmade object, such as a fence.

Living privacy fences have many advantages to their manmade counterparts. First of all, garden hedges are cheaper to purchase than a wooden or vinyl fence.

Secondly, garden hedges are more beautiful in terms of texture and color. In addition, they can be pruned into a nice, formal shape for a more striking look.

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