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Forsythia Bush


The forsythia bush is a beautiful landscape shrub that grows into a hedge with naturally developing arching stems.

Forsythia bushes are one of the earliest spring flowering plants. The blooms of the forsythia bush are a spectacular yellow or pink, depending on the cultivar, and resemble little bells.

The forsythia bush grows best on a site that has full sun or light shade.

The forsythia bush is deciduous and they drop their leaves in the fall and are effective screens mainly during the growing season. Forsythia bushes are rapid growers and will fill in an area very quickly.

One of the most frequently asked questions about the forsythia bush is when to prune.

Pruning the forsythia bush after flowering is the most widely used method. Cut out about one-third of the old woody growth. This encourages new young growth, which will supply the next season's flowers.

Another pruning method is to tip prune the forsythia bush. The tip pruning will result in several new growths developing at that point and the plant will become bushier and more prolific in its flowering.

Forsythia bushes are an ideal plant for borders or screens.

The forsythia bush should be planted in full sun or light shade.

The forsythia bush was named in honor of the royal British gardener William Forsyth who lived from 1737 to 1804.

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