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Flowering Maple Tree

There are several flowering maple trees that can be worked into any landscape situation. Flowering maple trees are often very ornamental when the blooms appear in the spring months. Most of the flowers produced by maple trees are not fragrant, but are very lovely and add a great deal of color to the higher points of a garden or landscape.

One of the most common of the flowering maple trees is the Autumn Blaze maple tree. This flowering maple tree has small red blooms that appear usually in late March or early April. The blooms are small and grow in clusters. One of the characteristics of this flowering maple tree that makes it extremely popular is its bright red new wood and fall color. From the red blooms in the spring to the crimson foliage in the fall, this flowering maple tree is a perfect addition to any landscape.

A second common flowering maple tree is the October Glory red maple. This flowering maple tree also has small red clusters of flowers that appear in the mid spring months. These clusters of flowers will emerge before any leaves are on the tree. The dark green leaves of this flowering maple tree are held well into the fall months. The late coming foliage change creates an array of yellows, oranges and reds, and is well worth the wait.

A third popular flowering maple tree is the trident maple tree. This flowering maple tree, unlike many other maples, has dense clusters of yellow blooms. The confined root system and small size makes this flowering maple tree a perfect tree for smaller gardens or mass plantings. They are also very resistant to pollution and drought, making them perfect for an urban landscape. This flowering maple tree is a good addition to any landscape.

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