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Flowering Cherry Tree


There are many types of flowering cherry trees. The blooms appear in a variety of colors, usually ranging from white to pink. Flowering cherry trees are beautiful and often fragrant.

Surrounded in lovely blossoms, and flowering cherry tree makes a wonderful display during bloom season. They also work excellently as a species plant, or a focal point for a lawn.

One of the most commonly requested flowering cherry trees is the cherry blossom tree. This flowering cherry tree, also called Sakura, is very popular in Japan.

It is the official flower of Japan and has been celebrated for hundreds of years. The arrival of blooms on this flowering cherry tree signifies the beginning of springtime.

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a fully bloomed cherry blossom tree.

Another popular flowering cherry tree is the Kwanzan cherry tree. This flowering cherry tree has large double blooms that are a beautiful pink color.

The foliage of the Kwanzan cherry tree will begin to grow while the tree is still in bloom, which is unlike all other flowering cherry trees.

Like all flowering cherry trees, the Kwanzan prefers full sun and well-drained soil in order to bloom fully.

A third flowering cherry tree is the ‘snow fountains’ weeping cherry. This flowering cherry tree is suitable for landscape use in zones five through eight.

The weeping branches of this flowering cherry tree will often reach the ground, and have lovely light pink blooms. The sheer amount of flowers on the branches will make this flowering cherry tree appear to be one large bloom.

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