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Florida Vines


   A bunch of flowering tropical vines can be a beautiful addition to a garden, but care must be taken to ensure that the vine planted will have the desired effect. Many Florida vines have very bright colored blooms that look lovely and smell great, but can be hard to control. Some Florida vines grow rapidly and can cover just about anything, including trees, phone lines and roofs.

   There are Florida vines that bloom in every season of the year. Many of the Florida vines are evergreen, which look lovely year round. Others are deciduous which can also be worked into a garden or landscape design.

   Florida has a variety of vines, and each vine has a variety of purposes. When a ground cover is needed, a vine that spreads quickly and does not climb high would be a good selection. Florida vines that climb using tendrils would be wonderful choices for a cover of a chain-linked fence. 

   Care should be taken to ensure that the Florida vine selected would have the proper amount of sunlight as well as the right water conditions to thrive. Out of their natural environment, Florida vines may become harder to care for, and the temperature may not allow for much growth. Be sure to choose wisely when choosing Florida vines.

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