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Fernleaf Peony


   A fern leaf peony is a flower that must be displayed front and center. The flower is a deep red double bloom that emerges early and lasts long. The foliage of a fernleaf peony is very frilly and looks like a fern. The blooms are large, but unlike taller growing peonies, the fern peony grows only about a foot high and has no problem of falling over under the weight of the bloom.

   The fernleaf peony is very interesting to look at indeed. With foliage of a light green, the bright red blooms stand out strikingly. The green foliage shoots off of the sturdy stem in a way similar to the needles of a conifer tree. The new spring foliage has a reddish tint to it before turning a lovely green in the spring, followed by bronze and purple tints in the autumn.

   The fernleaf peony is most hardy to twenty-five degrees below zero. Like all other peonies, fernleaf peonies require a winter chill in order to bloom. A fernleaf peony requires full sun to partial sun to grow, and will bloom in late spring. As with other peonies, fernleaf peonies need good drainage to prevent root rot. 

   A fernleaf peony is as wonderful to look at as a rose, but requires much less care. In many cases, the fernleaf peony actually requires no care at all. All peonies, including the fernleaf, are known for their ability to adapt to a new environment and survive under their own power. Fernleaf peonies are able to survive for several generations.

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