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Fern Care


   Ferns care is generally easier to do than caring for other types of perennials.

   Caring for ferns generally involves only making sure that the sunlight does not fall directly on the plant for          extended periods of time and ensuring that the soil is consistently moist.

   Also, many ferns cannot survive through frosts in the wintertime, and these plants will have to be removed        to indoor locations during this time.

   Some ferns, however, do have special needs, such as the staghorn fern.        This fern requires no soil whatsoever to grow and thrive. Caring for                staghorn ferns is very different from caring for other types of ferns.

   The staghorn fern will grow on the side of a tree, or hanging on a piece of      wood. Staghorn fern care involves letting the falling debris remain on the        plant as this gives the plant additional nourishment, other than what it          receives from the air around it.

   Caring for ferns also entails the atmosphere around the plants.

   Most ferns prefer a good deal of humidity, as they are often native to rain      forests and swamps. Misting ferns regularly is the best way to obtain this,      if natural humidity is not available.

   Additional information about fern care can be found on the Internet                through search engines or on websites hosted by nurseries or garden              centers.

   Local universities with agricultural programs will also have good information      on fern care.

   There are even books in local libraries that detail caring for ferns and other      such plants.


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