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Faster Growing Rose Bushes


   Fastest growing rose bushes are used by gardeners worldwide. The fastest growing rose bushes allow for instant gratification, as they grow vigorously and bloom profusely. There are several types of fast growing rose bushes to choose from, in a variety of colors.

   One of the fastest growing rose bushes is the rambling red. This vigorous climbing rose bush is a double rose with bold medium-red blooms grown in clusters on a vigorous, disease-resistant plant. These fast growing rose bushes are winter hardy with strong pliable canes. It is hardy in zones 3-9, and will grow rapidly to a height of eight feet.

   A second of the fastest growing rose bushes is the Ingrid Bergman. A hybrid tea rose, this fast growing rose bush will reach a height of about four feet. The luscious red blooms of these fast growing rose bushes have a slight fragrance and a velvety texture. The full double blooms will flower from late spring through autumn. This fast growing rose bush is hardy in zones four through nine.

   A third fast growing rose bush is the double delight. The multi colored blooms of this fast growing rose bush are a wonderful display during the flowering season. The blooms have a bright golden-white center and are surrounded by deep red. This fast growing rose bush is hardy in zones five through nine and can reach heights of four and a half to five feet.

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