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Fast Growing Vines


   Fast growing vines are very common in gardens today. The fast growing vine may be used as an effective ground cover or may be used to cover part of a wall. There are many different species of fast growing vines to choose from.

   One common fast growing vine is the Blue Chinese Wisteria. These fast growing vines are shade tolerant and have spectacular looking bunches of blooms that give of a lovely fragrance. The stems of this vine can grow to twenty-five feet or more.

   Another of the fast growing vines is the Dutchman’s pipe. This vine produces large, heart-shaped leaves that make an excellent screen. It is often used to grow on buildings and porches for a rustic look. 

   Fast growing vines come in many styles. Great care must be taken to ensure that the fast growing vine does not take over the garden. A fast growing vine may get out of control and kill bushes, trees, and anything else in its way.

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