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Fast Growing Ground Cover


Fast growing ground covers are some of the most sought after ground covers. This is due to the nature of ground covers. Ground covers are meant to spread to entire areas very quickly and take over any dead space in a garden.

For this reason, fast growing ground covers are much more popular that the slower growing types, which need more human intervention to spread to a large region quickly.

Many of the fast growing ground covers are vines. One of these is the Virginia creeper. This fast growing ground cover is fairly intrusive, and great care must me taken to ensure that it does not kill any other plants in the garden.

The berries grown on the fast growing ground cover are small and black, and much loved by birds. This plant will climb anything in its path, including trees, bushes and walls.

Other fast growing ground covers are more like shrubs. An example of this is the Japanese spurge.

This fast growing ground cover spreads by using rhizomes and will form a dense carpet of rich green foliage.

This shrub like ground cover grows up to a foot tall, and requires partial shade to full shade in order to prosper.

A third kind of fast growing ground cover is the ornamental grass. The most common of these is the Dwarf Mondo grass.

This fast growing ground cover will grow to four inches in height, and spreads by underground stems or tubers.

This ground cover is very intolerant to full sun.

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