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Evergreen Vines


   Evergreen vines will add greenery and substance to a garden year round. These vines never lose their foliage. These vines are very good for use as a ground cover. English ivy is on of the most popular evergreen vine ground covers. English ivy creates a canopy of leaves a few inches above the ground that blocks sunlight from lower plants.

   Evergreen vines also can be used to grow up a wall for a rustic look to a house. The evergreen vines work better than deciduous vines in this context, as deciduous vines lose their leaves in the winter and leave behind a maze of unappealing branches.

   Evergreen vines are all perennial vines, meaning they need not be re-planted year after year. This allows the gardener to focus on other areas of the garden. Once an evergreen vine is planted, little actual care needs to be taken to ensure it flourishes. All that needs to be taken into consideration is the amount of sunlight and water needed.

   One minor setback of evergreen vines is that they will cover everything in their path. Care must be taken to ensure that the vine will not envelop bushes and other plants that may be killed by the vine. Evergreen vines will move along the ground until they come to a wall or other vertical surface, which it will then climb.

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