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Evergreen Hedges


Hedges are used as borders and for protection from different elements. For year round protection, the best choice is evergreen hedges. Evergreen hedges are easier to grow and require less training and pruning than deciduous hedges.

They are, however, more susceptible to damage from heavy snow in the winter months. Evergreen hedges will look very striking with the ground covered in white snow.

One type of evergreen hedge is the wintergreen boxwood. This evergreen hedge will grow to a mature height of four feet, and grow in a rounded clump.

Growing in full sun to full shade, this evergreen hedge will also withstand a variety of soil conditions. Hardy in zones five through eight, this evergreen hedge is usually reserved for shadier conditions or grown next to a building.

Another common evergreen hedge is the mountain laurel. These evergreen hedges are native to North America, and the state flowers of Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

There are over eighty known varieties. These evergreen hedges will grow to six to height feet tall and have an equal mature spread.

Growing slowly, these evergreen hedges will withstand temperatures below zero and prefer sunlight to shade. They are hardy in zones four through eight.

Evergreen hedges make a perfect addition to any garden. They will provide protection from the elements year round, and require little care.

Once established, evergreen hedges will provide years of protection and beauty for any garden.


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