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Evergreen Ground Cover


Evergreen ground covers are a good way to prevent soil erosion, while adding life to a garden or hillside year round.

There are many different types of evergreen ground covers. Some of them are flowering in the summer, while others simply have lush foliage all year.

One of the most common of the flowering evergreen ground covers is the Periwinkle. This evergreen ground cover is also known as creeping myrtle or dwarf periwinkle.

The Periwinkle has lush, deep green leaves and lavender blue blooms. This evergreen ground cover will bloom from about April and continue to bloom until the first frost.

Another common evergreen ground cover is the Japanese spurge. This evergreen ground cover is very shrubby and grows eight inches to one foot high and spreads using rhizomes to create a dense carpet of dark green foliage.

This evergreen ground cover can be used as a substitute for grass in shaded, non-traffic areas, or as a ground cover for shaded areas.

A third common plant used as an evergreen ground cover is the purple wintercreeper euonymus. This evergreen ground cover is dense and woody, and comes in a variety of forms.

The most common form is a trailing groundcover that typically grows to nine inches tall.

This evergreen ground cover spreads by rooting stems as a tangled mat.

The foliage of the purple wintercreeper euonymus takes on a purplish hue in the fall and winter months.

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