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Evergreen Clematis


   Evergreen clematis are a lovely addition to any garden or plant setting. These plants have varying bloom          times, and with proper planning, a garden can not only have green foliage year round, but also gorgeous            blooms from late winter to late autumn.

   This can be accomplished by planting several varieties of evergreen clematis, all with different blooming            times, in the same garden.

   One type of evergreen clematis is the carnaby clematis. This evergreen clematis has pink blooms with a bold      red stripe down the center of each petal.

   The carnaby will bloom from June and September, and will grow to ten feet      high and three feet wide.

   Another type of evergreen clematis is the Niobe clematis.

   This evergreen clematis has dark red blooms and bright gold anthers.

   The Niobe will bloom from June through July and range in height from six          feet to ten feet. The foliage is dark green and makes a lovely contrast            with the boldness of the blooms.

   A third evergreen clematis is the Ernest Markham clematis.

   This evergreen clematis has dark magenta blooms that appear in July and        last until mid August.

   The blooms of this evergreen clematis are approximately four to six inches      wide, and the plant will grow to a height of twelve to fifteen feet. The            foliage of this clematis is also a very dark green.

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