Emerald Green Arborvitae (Thuja Occidentalis 'Smaragd')


   The emerald green arborvitae is an evergreen tree with bright emerald green foliage. The emerald arborvitae      can reach a height of thirty feet and have a spread of about eight to ten feet.

   They make an excellent screen, and can grow at a rate of about four feet per year. When young, the              emerald arborvitae has a bright green color to its foliage which darkens as the plant ages.

   Also known as white cedar, the emerald green arborvitae grows well in ordinary soil.

   They will grow especially well in swampy areas and in alkaline soil. Hardy in      zones three through seven, the emerald green arborvitae prefers full sun        to thrive.

   They will perform best in an area with high atmospheric moisture.

   Emerald green arborvitae, or ‘Thuja occidentalis,’ makes an excellent hedge      plant.

   They are also much easier to propagate than most other plants.                    Propagation can be done best from cuttings.

   It is possible to tear an emerald green arborvitae apart and make literally        hundreds of cuttings that will grow into full sized plants.

   Emerald arborvitae can be pruned early in the season, prior to new growth.      This is often not needed, however, because the plants often grow                naturally into a perfect pyramidal shape.

   If the winter is especially cold, the foliage of an emerald green arborvitae        will turn yellow-brown.

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