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Dwarf Hedges


Dwarf hedges can be a perfect addition to a garden or landscape. They will grow in areas that would otherwise be too small for a hedge to thrive.

While some hedges may grow to as high as twenty or more feet, dwarf hedges will generally only grow to a height of a few feet. Dwarf hedges will be able to have the same uses as regular hedges, only on a smaller scale.

One of the more popular types of dwarf hedges is the ninebark dwarf. This dwarf hedge is a small shrub that has small green foliage.

In the spring, these dwarf hedges have white flowers that are not particularly showy. The peeling bark of these dwarf hedges creates a good amount of winter interest.

They prefer full sun to partial shade, and grow in a wide range of soil conditions. These dwarf hedges are very hardy, and can be grown in zones as cold as zone two.

Another common dwarf hedge is the Hancock coralberry. This dwarf hedge has dark green foliage and pink flowers that appear during the summer months.

Berries that are edible by birds and other small animals replace the blooms. The berries of this dwarf hedge remain until long into the winter. Preferring full sun to partial shade, this dwarf hedge will survive in a variety of soil conditions.

Growing to a height of about two feet, the Hancock coralberry will be hardy in zones five through seven.

Another one of the common dwarf hedges is the dwarf blue leaf Arctic willow. These dwarf hedges are fast growers and will tolerate wet soil conditions.

The many slender stems of these dwarf hedges sway beautifully in the wind. The foliage is blue-green in color, and has a very fine texture. These dwarf hedges will grow to a mature height of three to four feet and are hardy in zones four through six.

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