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Dwarf Forsythia


Dwarf forsythia is much like its larger counterpart. The dwarf forsythia is valued for its early spring blooms although flowers are not very reliably produced on the dwarf forsythia.

Its flowers are solitary and bright yellow and it blooms very early in the spring.

Dwarf forsythia has a low, flat-topped shape. Its foliage turns bronze in fall and it's great for mass plantings.

The dwarf forsythia is a low spreading shrub that is useful as a ground cover.

Dwarf forsythia is naturally very compact and self-branching; the dwarf forsythia is a ball of gold in the spring.

The dwarf forsythia blooms from top to bottom and slightly later flowering than most other Forsythia's.

The dwarf forsythia is perfect for today's smaller landscapes. This plant fits well in perennial and shrub borders as well as foundation plantings.

The forsythia bush grows best on a site that has full sun or light shade. The dwarf forsythia bush is deciduous and they drop their leaves in the fall and are effective screens mainly during the growing season.

Forsythia bushes are rapid growers and will fill in an area very quickly.

Other forsythia plants may attain heights of 8 to 10 feet, whereas the dwarf forsythia usually matures at about 4 feet in height.

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