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Dropmore Scarlet


   The dropmore scarlet honeysuckle is a vining honeysuckle that is very winter hardy. They are easy to grow. The dropmore scarlet honeysuckle has tons of fragrant scarlet-orange tubular flowers that generally bloom from early summer through mid autumn. The blooms are very attractive to hummingbirds.

   Dropmore scarlet honeysuckle vines require a trellis or fence to grow on, and are not damaging to walls. The fragrant blooms are attractive for the entire summer season. A dropmore scarlet honeysuckle will prefer full sunlight in consistently moist, organic soil. The soil should also be well drained, to prevent the roots from rotting. The dropmore scarlet honeysuckle produces small red fruit in the fall, which are eaten by birds.

   The dropmore scarlet honeysuckle also works well as a ground cover, when allowed to sprawl around in open areas. Aphids are one of the greatest potential problems for the dropmore scarlet honeysuckle. These insects will eat the foliage and may even kill entire plants if not taken care of properly. A proper spraying of pest control will help a dropmore scarlet honeysuckle to grow healthier.

   A dropmore scarlet honeysuckle is a deciduous vine, but can be evergreen in warmer climates. Hardy to zones four through eight, they prefer full sun, but will grow and flower with partial shade. A dropmore scarlet honeysuckle is a fast grower and may become intrusive if not watched carefully. They will grow in a wide range of soil and water conditions.

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